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  • editing (developmental editing, line editing, copyediting)

  • proofreading

  • writing in plain English

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I understand business jargon

I began my career in a steel plant implementing SPC (statistical process control) techniques to manage product quality specs. I also worked throughout Europe for a consulting firm for 14 years, delivering improvement projects in the automotive, chemical, FMCG, food, energy and manufacturing sectors. So I know my way around factories, processing plants and the corporate lingo and "management speak" often used in industry.

Methodologies I've used include:

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Asset Management

  • Organisational Effectiveness (OE)

  • New Product Development (NPD)

  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

  • Design for Manufacture (DFM)

  • Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing – including Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, Kanban, Poka-Yoke, 5S, Just-in-time, Level Scheduling, "Takt" time and SMED (single minute exchange of die).

I can deliver what you need: on-time-in-full

My experience includes:

  • ensuring written and spoken corporate communications are clear, coherent and compelling, as well as free from embarrassing errors

  • working with teams of writers from diverse business functions

  • editing for non-fluent English writers from a broad range of countries and cultures

  • working in Word with track changes, using PowerPoint for presentations and diagrams, and marking up PDFs in Adobe

  • creating style sheets or working with your business house style

  • offering quick turnaround for urgent work

  • delivering to tight timeframes

  • always meeting client deadlines

  • delivering large, complex projects

  • providing voice-overs for audio and video scripts, particularly for clients who are non-native English speakers


I need some help to write case studies and business blogs. Can you give me some advice?

That's no problem. I can help you bring your thoughts and ideas to life, and make sure your text has the appropriate tone – perhaps more formal for case studies and reports, but more casual and quirky for things such as training material and blogs.

We​'ve decided to make a marketing video to promote the company. Can you help us with the script?

Yes, I work on audio and video scripts and would be happy to help. Spoken text is very different from written text. I can edit your script so that it has a compelling message and is engaging for your audience. I’ll ensure it is the desired length and has an appealing flow that is easy for the narrator to deliver. 


I'm a non-native English speaker and I'm trying to sell products/services to English-speaking customers. Can you help me make sure my English is correct?

Yes, I'd be happy to help you. I'll ensure your sales and marketing material is of a high standard, the language you use is correct and appropriate, your message appeals to an English-speaking audience and your website content is polished and professional.

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Non-fiction authors & independent writers,

I'll make you feel confident that your text is the best it can be.

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I provide a friendly professional service 

If you're a non-fiction author, I can help you get your manuscript ready for submission to a publisher or support you with those tedious editorial tasks on your self-publishing journey.

If you're an independent writer (perhaps posting articles or blogs online), I can help to make sure your text is correct, your message is compelling and you're a credible communicator.

My experience includes:

  • editing and proofreading

  • editing for non-native English speakers

  • working with authors from a diverse range of countries and cultures

  • creating style sheets and working to style guides

  • working with different styles of English (UK, US, Canadian, etc.)

  • working on-screen using Word with track changes and Adobe when marking up PDFs

  • always meeting client deadlines



I'd like to write a personal blog, but I'm worried about making mistakes with my spelling, grammar and punctuation. Can you help?

Yes, I can help you with all of those things. Plus, I can make sure your personal style (i.e. your voice ) comes through loud and clear. As a writer, you should always put your readers first by making sure they can easily understand your thoughts and ideas. That means using a certain style of writing often referred to as Plain English. Some writers just try too hard, thinking they need to make their text sound intellectual. As a result, their writing becomes too wordy and over-complicated, leaving the reader confused. When creating your blog, you need to make your writing easy for the reader to grasp and enjoy. Reading should be a pleasurable experience, not a chore. I can help you with all that, too. 

​I've written an article for my LinkedIn page, but I'm worried that I've missed some embarrassing errors. I need someone to check it over before I post it. Is this something you do?

Yes, definitely. People are engaging more and more online, and articles with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors do tend to stand out – for the wrong reason! We all like to have reassurance that what we're sharing is correct; it helps with credibility. I'd be happy to help! 

Which software do you use?

I use Microsoft Word for Mac – always with the track changes function on. When working with PDFs, I use Adobe with markup tools.

How much will it cost?

Before I can give you a price for working on your manuscript, I need to assess it – or at least a sample of it (min. 4000 words). When preparing a quotation I consider the length of the document, its complexity and the level of editing or proofreading required. The price I offer you will be expressed either as an hourly rates or as a price per 1000 words, depending on the material being assessed.​ 

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I can help if you outsource editing and proofreading activities.

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I can provide the professional service you need

I work with a broad range of publishing houses, large and small. I'm familiar with your processes and understand the time pressures you face. I am thorough, reliable and always deliver high-quality work.

My experience includes:

  • editing, proofreading and proof collation for a range of global publishing houses

  • editing Word templates by adding styles and links that correspond directly to the structure of the XML file and checking/correcting existing coding and links of the XML file

  • working with multiple authors (e.g. 60 contributing authors for a single book)

  • editing for non-native English speakers from a diverse range of countries and cultures

  • following your brief

  • checking/correcting different referencing styles

  • following a range of style guides and creating and working to style sheets

  • working with different styles of English (UK, US, Canadian, etc.)

  • working on-screen using Word with track changes and Adobe (or on paper if required)

  • delivering to tight timeframes

  • always meeting production deadlines


We need to move courses online for schools and universities. Can you help with educational content?

Yes, I  work with a variety of clients who produce educational content. I edit books and digital content for school pupils, college/university students and employees seeking continuing professional development (CPD). I've worked with production teams to deliver content for various UK educational exam boards: AQA, Eduqas, Edexcel and OCR. I can cover a broad range of subjects, including sciences, languages, humanities and maths.

Do you have any experience in ELT ?

Yes, I have an ELT qualification and have taught English in the UK, France and Switzerland.


I work in academic publishing and we're looking for freelance copyeditors. Do you have experience in this area?

Yes, I work with many academic publishers and university presses on a wide range of subjects including mathematics, statistics, economics, psychology, engineering, environmental studies, history, music, film and theatre, English literature, archaeology, finance and business.

I'm a trade publisher looking for someone to proofread non-fiction books. Can you help?

Yes, I proofread trade non-fiction. Some of the genres I cover are autobiography/biography/memoir, business, philosophy, history, music, sport and well-being. I also proofread some fiction genres – fantasy, crime, dystopian, science fiction, classic and historical – so I can help with fiction, too!

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I am thankful to Barbara for her editing two of my book manuscripts for Palgrave and Oxford University Press.


Her ability to comprehend the subject and to offer suggestions of more than just a grammatical and syntactical nature make her more than another editor.


Her diligence for detail, promptness in response and focused sense of style make her an ideal editor for high-calibre publishing.

Dr Ahmet Suayb Gundogdu

Associate Professor at Istanbul Sabahattin Zaim University and a senior professional at the Islamic Development Bank


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