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I'd love to help you with your projects!

Together, we can ensure your written and spoken business communications are clear, compelling, and error-free.  

I work with individuals and teams of people from around the world – mainly in Europe, Asia, and North America. For many of my clients, English is not their first language.


Some of the projects we work on together are long and complex; others take just a few hours. Clients often book a few months in advance; however, if your project is urgent, please contact me to see how I can help. I try to be as flexible as possible with my work diary – it's important to me that I meet the deadlines of all my clients. 

Container Ship

Business writers & organisations,
I can help you with your project – let's ship it!

Business writers
Business Meeting

Work with someone who understands your business

I understand business jargon

I began my career in a steel plant implementing SPC (statistical process control) techniques to manage product quality specs. I also worked throughout Europe for a consulting firm for 14 years, delivering improvement projects in the automotive, chemical, FMCG, food, energy, and manufacturing sectors. So I know my way around factories, processing plants, and the corporate lingo and "management speak" often used in industry.

Methodologies I've used include:

  • Supply Chain Management

  • Asset Management

  • Organisational Effectiveness (OE)

  • New Product Development (NPD)

  • Total Quality Management (TQM)

  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)

  • Design for Manufacture (DFM)

  • Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing – including Value Stream Mapping, Kaizen, Kanban, Poka-Yoke, 5S, Just-in-time, Level Scheduling, "Takt" time, and SMED (single minute exchange of die).

I can deliver what you need: on-time-in-full

My experience includes:

  • ensuring written and spoken corporate communications are clear, coherent, and compelling, as well as free from embarrassing errors

  • working with teams of writers from diverse business functions

  • editing for non-fluent English writers from a broad range of countries and cultures

  • working in Word with track changes, using PowerPoint for presentations and diagrams, and marking up PDFs in Adobe

  • creating style sheets or working with your business house style

  • offering quick turnaround for urgent work

  • delivering to tight timeframes

  • always meeting client deadlines

  • delivering large, complex projects

  • providing voice-overs for audio and video scripts, particularly for clients who are non-native English speakers


I need some help to write case studies and business blogs. Can you give me some advice?

That's no problem. I can help you bring your thoughts and ideas to life, and make sure your text has the appropriate tone – perhaps more formal for case studies and reports, but more casual and quirky for things such as training material and blogs.

We've decided to make a marketing video to promote the company. Can you help us with the script?

Yes, I work on audio and video scripts and would be happy to help. Spoken text is very different from written text. I can edit your script so that it has a compelling message and is engaging for your audience. I’ll ensure it is the desired length and has an appealing flow that is easy for the narrator to deliver. 


I'm a non-native English speaker and I'm trying to sell products/services to English-speaking customers. Can you help me make sure my English is correct?

Yes, I'd be happy to help you. I'll ensure your sales and marketing material is of a high standard, the language you use is correct and appropriate, your message appeals to an English-speaking audience and your website content is polished and professional.

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Non-fiction authors & independent writers,
I'll make you feel confident that your text is the best it can be.

Non-fiction authors
Several Open Books

Work with someone who knows the publishing process

I provide a friendly professional service 

If you're a non-fiction author, I can help you get your manuscript ready for submission to a publisher or support you with those tedious editorial tasks on your self-publishing journey.

If you're an independent writer (perhaps posting articles or blogs online), I can help to make sure your text is correct, your message is compelling, and you're a credible communicator.

My experience includes:

  • editing and proofreading

  • editing for non-native English speakers

  • working with authors from a diverse range of countries and cultures

  • creating style sheets and working to style guides

  • working with different styles of English (UK, US, Canadian, etc.)

  • working on-screen using Word with track changes and Adobe when marking up PDFs

  • always meeting client deadlines



I'd like to write a personal blog, but I'm worried about making mistakes with my spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Can you help?

Yes, I can help you with all of those things. Plus, I can make sure your personal style (i.e. your voice ) comes through loud and clear. As a writer, you should always put your readers first by making sure they can easily understand your thoughts and ideas. That means using a certain style of writing often referred to as Plain English. Some writers just try too hard, thinking they need to make their text sound intellectual. As a result, their writing becomes too wordy and over-complicated, leaving the reader confused. When creating your blog, you need to make your writing easy for the reader to grasp and enjoy. Reading should be a pleasurable experience, not a chore. I can help you with all that, too. 

​I've written an article for my LinkedIn page, but I'm worried that I've missed some embarrassing errors. I need someone to check it over before I post it. Is this something you do?

Yes, definitely. People are engaging more and more online, and articles with spelling mistakes and grammatical errors do tend to stand out – for the wrong reason! We all like to have the reassurance that what we're sharing is correct; it helps with credibility. I'd be happy to help! 

Which software do you use?

I use Microsoft Word for Mac – always with the track changes function on. When working with PDFs, I use Adobe with markup tools.

How much will it cost?

Before I can give you a price for working on your manuscript, I need to assess it – or at least a sample of it (min. 4000 words). When preparing a quotation I consider the length of the document, its complexity, and the level of editing or proofreading required. The price I offer you will be expressed either as an hourly rate or as a price per 1000 words, depending on the material being assessed.​ 

Colorful Book Spines

I can help if you outsource editing and proofreading activities.

In the Classroom

Work with an experienced editor

I can provide the professional service you need

I work with a broad range of publishing houses, large and small. I'm familiar with your processes and understand the time pressures you face. I am thorough, reliable, and always deliver high-quality work.

My experience includes:

  • editing, proofreading, and proof collation for a range of global publishing houses

  • editing Word templates by adding styles and links that correspond directly to the structure of the XML file and checking/correcting existing coding and links of the XML file

  • working with multiple authors (e.g. 60 contributing authors for a single book)

  • editing for non-native English speakers from a diverse range of countries and cultures

  • following your brief

  • checking/correcting different referencing styles

  • following a range of style guides and creating and working to style sheets

  • working with different styles of English (UK, US, Canadian, etc.)

  • working on-screen using Word with track changes and Adobe (or on paper if required)

  • delivering to tight timeframes

  • always meeting production deadlines


We need to move courses online for schools and universities. Can you help with educational content?

Yes, I work with a variety of clients who produce educational content. I edit books and digital content for school pupils, college/university students, and employees seeking continuing professional development (CPD). I've worked with production teams to deliver content for various UK educational exam boards: AQA, Eduqas, Edexcel, and OCR. I can cover a broad range of subjects, including sciences, languages, humanities, and maths.

Do you have any experience in ELT?

Yes, I have an ELT qualification and have taught English in the UK, France, and Switzerland.

I work in academic publishing and we're looking for freelance copyeditors. Do you have experience in this area?

Yes, I work with many academic publishers and university presses on a wide range of subjects including mathematics, statistics, economics, psychology, engineering, environmental studies, history, music, film and theatre, English literature, archaeology, finance, technology, and business.

I'm a trade publisher looking for someone to proofread non-fiction books. Can you help?

Yes, I proofread trade non-fiction. Some of the genres I cover are autobiography/biography/memoir, business, philosophy, history, music, sport, and well-being. I also proofread some fiction genres – fantasy, crime, dystopian, science fiction, classic, and historical – so I can help with fiction, too!

A few clients I've had the privilege of working with …

Many of my clients are businesses or independent writers.

Editorial services

I can help you with:

  • editing (developmental editing, line editing, copyediting)

  • proofreading

  • writing in plain English

I normally edit online business communications, but I've also worked on books …

Business Meeting

Looking for a friendly Business Analyst to joint your team?


Need some help to analyse your business processes?

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Would you like some help with your project?

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