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Hello, I'm Barbara. It's lovely to meet you!

So how did I get here – performing this business duet with its elegant cadenza?


Well, it's been an interesting and meandering journey – from maths and industry to English and publishing, picking up some European languages along the way. But always with a business context at its core …

Having completed a BA in Business Management with French and German and then an MSc in Operational Research (applied maths) in Glasgow in the 1980s, I worked in the steel industry in Scotland as a process engineer and did research into artificial intelligence (AI) for an engineering consultancy. I then spent a few years working in Zürich and a short time in Paris and London, where I taught English.

In the early 1990s, I joined a management consulting firm and, for the next 14 years, worked throughout Europe delivering business improvement projects in the automotive, chemical, FMCG, food, energy, and manufacturing sectors.


In 2008 I began to do editorial work for various businesses, so I decided to retrain and move into the writing and publishing industry. I started my own editorial company in 2011, Pensato Studios.​

Now, depending on the needs of my clients, I'm either writing (marketing copy and technical documents), editing, or proofreading at Pensato Studios. Or else I'm back in the world of business consultancy and business analysis. Life is never dull – and the people are always fab!

✴️ I'm Scottish, live in the UK, and work remotely with clients worldwide

✴️ Contact me by email: barbara@pensatostudios.com

Things I do when I'm not at my desk 

  • Trail running –10k, half-marathons, and marathons


  • Playing my flute (classical) and saxophone (jazz)


  • Painting – using oils, acrylics, and pastels


  • Cooking, baking, reading, gardening, calligraphy


Mhòra the Goldendoodle – aka Fluff McDuff

Mhòra the Goldendoodle

(aka Fluff MacDuff)

Glencoe & Ben Nevis
Glencoe & Ben Nevis

Glencoe Marathon Gathering (2016). Turned 50 and decided to take up running. Ran my first two half marathons that year.

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Stirling Marathon
Stirling Marathon

The following year it was time to try a marathon. What a feeling – got the running bug!

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All that jazz!
All that jazz!

Vintage gigs with my tenor sax.

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Your good health!
Your good health!

Slàinte, Saluti, Skål, Salud, Santé, Prost, 健康 (Kenkō), 身体健康 (Shēntǐ jiànkāng), صحة جيدة (sihat jayida), अच्छा स्वास्थ्य (achchha svaasthy)

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BA Business Management with French and German

Strathcyde Business School, Strathcyde University, Glasgow

Pensato means "thought" in Italian | image by Fábio Hanashiro



Process Engineer

British Steel

Implemented statistical process control (SPC) methodologies to manage quality in the manufacture of seamless tubes and casing pipes for the oil and gas industry.

Graphic Design Office

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Business Meeting

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