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Pensato Studios

Pensato means "thought" in Italian. And in music a pensato is an imaginary note that is neither played nor heard – a silent note that is simply felt.


I'll work with you to enhance your creative text and your written and spoken communications, making them clear, coherent and compelling. But I'll do so as a silent contributor, because the creation should always have your voice, not mine.


My role is to bring your thoughts and ideas to life, to ensure they are seen and heard. I'll make sure your text is convincing, consistent and correct. 


Or quirky if required. 

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I work with individuals and teams of people from around the world – mainly in Europe, Asia and North America.


For many of my clients, English is their second (or even third) language.


Some of the projects we work on together are long and complex, taking weeks to complete; others take just a few hours.


I'm usually booked up a few months in advance, so please contact me in plenty of time if you'd like me to help you with your project. 


I try to be as flexible as possible with my work diary – it's important to me that I meet the deadlines of all my clients. If my diary is full and your work is urgent, I can introduce you to some of my colleagues from the CIEP (Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading).

  • individuals

  • SMEs

  • large firms

  • educational

  • ELT

  • academic

  • non-fiction trade

  • educational

  • academic

  • non-fiction trade

  • online content creators

  • bloggers

  • writers of video, audio or podcast scripts


  • books

  • online content

  • business documents

  • technical documents

  • brochures and leaflets

  • corporate communications

  • online learning materials

  • training materials

  • video scripts

  • audio scripts

  • podcast scripts

  • websites

  • blogs 

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A few clients I've had the privilege of working with …

Many of my clients are businesses or private individuals.

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I have worked with Barbara at Pensato Studios for over 10 years now on a number of different projects – 3 books, several white papers, scripts for podcasts and many general business projects.


It's always a joy to work with Barbara as you can send her what you think is a good piece of writing and, without fail, she will send back a much better piece of work.


I'm still amazed at how little I actually know about grammar, punctuation and the style protocols required for a professional publication. That's why I continue to use the great editorial services and general good all-round advice that Barbara provides.


I can’t recommend the service enough – from getting an important email correct through to publishing whole books.

Andrew Wilson

Managing Director, Finidhyn Ltd

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