Enhancing your business communications

Trust me with your words

Trust me with your words

The quality of your internal and external business communications has a massive impact on your reputation and success, both as an individual and as an organisation. You want to feel confident that your spoken and written comms are clear, appropriate for your audience, and free from embarrassing errors. 


I can help you with that.

Welcome to Pensato Studios

Pensato means "thought" in Italian. And in music a pensato is an imaginary note that is neither played nor heard – a silent note that is simply felt.


I'll work with you to enhance your creative text and your written and spoken communications, making them clear, coherent, and compelling. But I'll do so as a silent contributor because the creation should always have your voice, not mine.


My role is to bring your thoughts and ideas to life, to ensure they are seen and heard. I'll make sure your text is convincing, consistent, and correct. 


Or quirky if required. 

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Work with a professional business editor

I'm a Professional Member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP).


I specialise in business comms and online content – corporate marketing materials, reports, business plans, pitches, case studies, technical documents, video/audio/podcast scripts, books, websites, and blogs. 


I understand the business environment: I worked in industry and business consultancy for 17 years and have managed business improvement projects throughout Europe.

Sound like a native English speaker – even if you're not!

Most of my clients have English as their second (or third) language. I studied languages at university, have taught English as a foreign language in Europe, and have worked with people throughout the world both as a business consultant and as a business editor. 

Enhancing your business communications

Barbara Wilson @ Pensato Studios: Editing & proofreading for businesses

Reliable, versatile, distinctive

✴️ I'm Scottish, live in the UK, and work remotely with clients worldwide

✴️ Contact me by email: barbara@pensatostudios.com

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Barbara has supported me for many years now in crafting business documents in English: papers, presentations, commercial proposals, website content, blogs, scripts for videos, etc. She is fast, reliable and helps me to write better business communications.


Typically, I write an original document in Dutch, translate it into English and send it to Barbara. She not only improves my English but crafts a better document altogether. Her input inspires me to rewrite my Dutch original and boost its quality. So Barbara acts as my co-writer, not just as a translator/editor.


Importantly, she is really good to work with as well.

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