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Pensato means "thought" in Italian. And in music, a "pensato" is an imaginary note that is neither played nor heard – a silent note that is simply felt.

Performing a business duet:

  • I play an editorial role as a technical writer and business editor, helping businesses to enhance their communications.

  • I also have extensive experience as a business analyst and consultant.

These two roles share certain themes:

  • Thoughts – in both roles, it's all about getting a person's thoughts out of their head, down on paper, and then rewording them to ensure the representation is clear, compelling, comprehensive, and correct.

  • Silence – editing is all about making sure the writer's voice is heard, not the editor's. Being a good business analyst is about asking the right questions and then being silent as you listen … intently.

  • Storytelling – this is key in both roles, whether it's creating a brand story when writing marketing copy or developing a user story as a business analysis.

  • Simplicity – writing/editing is not about being able to use fancy words. It's about being organised and logical. It's about making sure your writing is well-structured and clear. It's about ensuring the reader (or listener) understands what you're trying to say. In fact, it's a bit like the role of the Business Analyst. 

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